Our gin is a celebration of a city that adores craftsmanship, culture and lifestyle.
Artisan small batch distilled

The Adelaide Gin Story

This gin came from a love for a beautiful city, a family history in the spirit industry and, finally, a passion for crafting the best gin.

In the 1930s, Alan Robb Hickinbotham (‘Hick’ to all who knew him), began the Hickinbotham family’s association with the wine and spirits industry. Hick was the founding scientist of the world-famous ‘Roseworthy College’ oenology course at The University of Adelaide; his research and writing laid the foundation for a technically advanced wine and spirits industry in Australia.

Hick’s work stamped a passion for wine and spirits into the Hickinbotham family’s DNA for generations to come.

Inspired by his grandfather, Michael Hickinbotham set out on a quest to capture his hometown in a bottle. His journey took him around the globe learning from industry leaders and gaining an appreciation for what defines the best gins in the world. Michael learnt that at the core of any great gin is an obsession with technique and quality.

For Adelaide Gin, this quality starts with our base. We craft from the highest quality neutral base sourced locally from the Barossa Valley. Next, we add the flavour profile that makes our gin uniquely South Australian. Delicate hints of rose, lemon myrtle and Kangaroo Island lavender come out to play in a spirited blend of local botanicals that capture both the history and modernity of a beautiful city.

We hope you enjoy Adelaide Gin as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you. Cheers!

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