A New, All-Local Gin That Tastes Like Adelaide

Broadsheet 06 March 2019

Some distillers begin with grain. Some with a hero botanical or particular flavour in mind, but Michael Hickinbotham used a different starting point. He wanted to craft a gin that evoked the spirit of his hometown. To do that he got in touch with Graham Jones, who has been distilling for more than 30 years and taught many of the current wave of craft distillers at the University of Adelaide.

The pair took inspiration from some local flora, and in addition to juniper and common botanicals such as orris root, cardamom and nutmeg, Adelaide Gin gets flavour from locally grown coriander and Kangaroo Island lavender and rose. The last two in particular add a richness that complements the spice; Hickinbotham describes the result as “a beautiful, balanced and sensual gin”.

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